Who am I?

Creator of the “Whole Wealth Method”

Leader of the Intentional Living Club and the Intentional Energy Movement

Voted among the top 30 Psychics and Mediums in the World, Top 10 in the United States, and number one in Energy Healing in the US.  Deborah is a published author and a Talk Show Host, exploring the world from An Alternative View. 

Deborah Bishop has viewed the world in a different way since as long as she can remember. Growing up she always felt different than everyone else, never feeling like she fit in. That all changed when Deborah was 17 and attending a performing arts school. A friend of hers from school introduced her to another psychic and it was then that her journey began. For the first time in her life she felt like she finally found someone with whom she could relate to, who understood her. From that point on Deborah has dedicated her life to better understanding the misunderstood. Her journey has led her to meet several different mentors along her path that all have had a different impact on her life. Now Deborah Bishop is a globally recognized Intuitive and Empath that offers her services to the public.

“It is only through being the best we can be, living our lives full out and listening to our heart song that true wealth is obtained, and when just enough people have peace in their hearts and abundance at their table, peace is possible.”

Psychic Readings

Are you seeking clarity? Deborah Bishop, the creator of the Whole Wealth Method, is a highly skilled emotional and spiritual intuitive, as well as a practiced Channeler. Deborah taps into a grid of energy through which all living things are connected. With this gift, she is able to provide clarity and help determine proper courses of action. She has worked with people in all different walks of life, from entrepreneurs, to everyday people. If you are looking for a psychic reading you’ve come to the right website.


If you recently lost a loved one and are seeking comfort and closure, Deborah can help. As a skilled and highly trained medium Deborah can communicate with those who have moved onto a better place.

Spiritual Mentor

With her gifts and life experiences, Rev. Bishop offers personal spiritual mentorship. She is an ordained non-denominational minister and has helped people of all walks of life.

Energy Work

As a globally recognized energy medicine practitioner and leader of the Intentional Energy Movement, Rev. Deborah Bishop is one of the world leaders in energy work. Energy work can help with every aspect of your life; from physical health to spiritual health.

“You may have forgotten, but I know you have wings and I am here to remind you; YOU CAN FLY! You can soar above every belief, every wound, every word that locked you in those chains in the first place.”

Hear from some of my satisfied clients

" ​If you are looking for a very gifted psyquic and spiritual experienced advisor altogether that can access your soul needs and who can bring you the voice of the spirits of light that walk side by side with you in your life path, I can attest she is the real deal. "
Juan C.
" She is a truly gifted and highly intuitive coach and I have recommended her to many of my associates. "
Suzie W.
" Working with Deborah has been a lifesaver for me at a time in my life when I had reached the height of frustration and almost lost hope of a positive future. She has been that constant source of support and accountability. "
Cynthia F.

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